INFJ Personality Type

INFJ Personality types deal with situations how they feel about them or fit into their value based belief system. The mindset is towards the future and inspiration of what could be. INFJs generally hold deep convictions and believe in the ideals and maintenance of the extended group. (Transcending the immediate family group).

INFJs like INTJs spend considerable amounts of time in reflection, observation and analysis. It is through this that they enhance their intuitive abilities. Effectively the ability to predict outcomes, through subconscious autosuggestion, set against a huge framework of connective and rational logic.

Because the INFJ has such strong intuitive abilities they trust these instincts as primarily correct. With age and experience these intuitive abilities heighten. However, this can also lead to being headstrong and resistant to others conflicting observations.

INFJs who have very expressed feeling "may" believe they have psychic abilities.

The majority of INFJs feelings are externally focused towards the welfare of the collective group rather than of the self. The sheer ability to place others at the forefront of their lives makes them the noble Humanitarian, as what else could be a more worthwhile use of someone's life?

INFJs possess the prized traits of both intuition (N) and the implementing Judging (J) function, enabling imagined possibilities to transgress into actualised reality.�As with INTJs there is a desire to build systems, although these are based on people rather than process (creating the infrastructure) for change/improvement.

Because INFJs are both genuinely kind and complex their close circle of selected friends holds them in high regard. INFJs are also concerned with others feelings and tend to avoid situations where this may hurt people (People are the group, and the group is the system that the INFJ seeks to build and maintain). INFJs tend also to be demanding on themselves and strive to ensure congruence with their values and ideals system whilst looking to improve themselves and the external world around them.

Extended durations of conflict or stress (Both external and internally generated) can be internalised and manifest itself in health and psychological conditions. (Hint: Imagine you're flotsam riding the waves as they pass ;).

Such conflict can occur with the innate desire to help the many (F) requiring a more extroverted personality which clashes with their (I) introversion, similarly their values systems can be violated by the very people they wish to help, creating a vicious paradox of conflicting emotions i.e. (T) Thinking versus the (F).

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